6 free Pattern Suggestions to use with Winter-friendly fabrics

6 Free Pattern Suggestions for Winter-friendly fabrics!
Who doesn’t love a free pattern?? Today we are sharing some of our winter themed free pattern finds that are the perfect match for our deadstock fabrics!
These are great for gifts or for building your winter wardrobe! All these fabrics are saved and eco-responsible!
here we go:
Faux leather camel fabric next to free trench coat pattern
Trench Coat Pattern
Our faux suede is perfect for this stylish coat pattern! Our suede is soft on the backside just like real suede and the top has a subtle sheen. There is a slight amount of stretch so it makes fitting garments so much easier!

Black and white felted wool fabric next to mittens
Felted Mittens Pattern
These simple mittens are a quick and easy sew, they make the perfect gift as well! Our felted knit wool blend fabric is the perfect match for this pattern, I made a pair for my grandmother and I love them, I think I will make a few more for gifts this year!

Rainbow brushed jersey fabric and sweater dress girl
Jersey Dress
This comfy slouchy jersey dress is perfect for staying cozy this winter. Our rainbow abstract knit is my number 1 choice for this pattern! It is soft and stretchy and the bright print is beautiful and unique!

Black felted wool fabric and pink slipper boots
Slipper Boots
These slipper boots are so good! I will be making some for myself!
The lining doesn’t necessarily need to be faux fur, it can be anything fuzzy/soft/warm. For the outer fabric I would suggest our wool blend felted knit. Your feet will be so warm, and if you have an all wood floor cold house like me you will appreciate these!!

Many different colors metal teeth yak zippers two small zipper wallets
Look at this cute little wallet by Sallie Tomato! We have so many teeny tiny zippers and they are a perfect fit for this little wallet! Need some quick Christmas gifts? This is a simple gender-neutral option!

Grey and black silver plaid fabric next to men’s vest pattern
Men’s Waistcoat
Ok for the holidays maybe you want to look extra dapper and festive. I want to see this in our silver and black plaid! I am also imagining the whole family in this fabric looking matchy matchy… 😉

find more of our sustainable, vintage and deadstock fabrics here:

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